Ready to realize your online biz dreams? 

Ready to realize your online biz dreams? 

Book a 1:1 Coaching Sprint for longer-term support. We'll start  by uncovering where you are today, your ideal destination and your current challenges, and then develop an action plan to help you kick those blocks to the curb so this can finally be the year you reach that next level-up.


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I'm Esther, your
work-from-anywhere mentor & cheerleader.

I’m a former Googler turned freelance marketer, business mentor and mindset coach, building my dream life in Southern Spain.

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Why Create Anywhere?


You've got skills, and you're ready to ditch rush hour and the corporate grind in favor of a juicy morning yoga practice or a walk on the beach... but you're afraid of failure and need help getting out of your own way.  


You want to be able to work from home so that you can spend more time with your little ones, and you're willing to work as hard as a mama— but you want to be taken seriously as a business owner, too. 

you're ready to create your dream life FROM anywhere the road takes you

You've got your passport ready and backpack packed, but you're not sure where to start when it comes to making your dreams a reality. 

In 2014, I left my cushy corporate gig at Google with ZERO clients to my name. 

I took a sabbatical, then took a big leap and started my own freelance marketing business.

It took me 30 days to make my first $10k, and by the end of my first year as a solopreneur, I'd grossed nearly $250k. 

i can help because i've been there, y'all

Was i scared? OBVIOUSLY. did it stop me? no way, José...

and i'm proud to say i'm a debt-free, self-made millionaire today.

Have a million ideas and a zillion questions? Not sure where to get started or what to tackle next? Book a 1:1 Coaching Sprint for dedicated, ongoing support. We'll start by uncovering where you are today, your ideal destination and your current challenges, and then develop an action plan to help you kick those blocks to the curb so you can reach your goals.


1:1 #CreateAnywhere
Coaching Sprints

1:1 Coaching

Do you have a laundry list questions and no clue where to begin? Let's dig in and figure out what's really holding you back - and pretty soon you'll be taking massive action and be closer than ever to realizing your #CreateAnywhere biz and lifestyle goals. Remember, now is always the perfect time to start or grow the location-independent, scalable, sustainable business that lights you up.

Have big plans for your biz (i.e. maybe you want to launch a membership or build your first client-getting funnel)? Would you like to have a taste of what it'd be like to have a seasoned agency owner and business consultant in your pocket who you can lean on for support? No matter where you are in the world or on your biz journey, let me reassure you: I've got you. Let's work together 1:1 to get clear on your business goals and create an action plan to help you make progress quickly. We'll work on up-leveling your mindset from employee to entrepreneur while also transforming your business into the scalable powerhouse you've always dreamed it could be. 

Here Are Some Topics We Can Tackle

Feeling Overwhelmed? 

You Need a Ride-or-Die Biz Mentor 

get unstuck, fast

you can sit with us

You're making a messy 5-6 figures in your current business or side hustle, but you dream about building a scalable solopreneur empire where true wealth, impact and freedom is your reality. To do this, we need to build a solid, scalable foundation for your business. We'll figure out what's really holding you back and what the next steps are towards reaching that next milestone in your location-independent business and life and start knocking them out, step-by-step, together.

You're Ready to go from Side Hustler to Scalable Solopreneur


Remember, I'm a marketing/advertising agency owner first, and a coach second. During our calls we'll of course tackle mindset issues, but you'd better believe I'm also going to be putting on my Chief Marketing Officer hat as we get strategic about different aspects of your online business. Plus, if you sign up for a 9-month sprint, you'll also get weekly materials reviews where I'll actually review and redline edit your copy, marketing assets, offers, and more - so you can go and implement with confidence. We'll dive in and make you look GOOD, scout's honor. 🤞

You Need a Marketer

hola, fractional CMO 👋


“Esther is a rare brew of creativity, detail-orientation and follow-through. Collaborating with someone of her efficacy on unstructured projects is reassuring to say the least.”


so they say:

Learn how to cultivate your Create Anywhere Millionaire™ Mindset & Habits

How does this sound?

Clarify Your Niche & Cast your Create Anywhere Millionaire™ Vision and Roadmap 




Design Your Signature System and Refine Your Strategic Offer Suite


Market Test Your Offers and Start Selling Them To Your Dream Clients, Growing Your Biz YOUR Way (No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions Here)


When You Get Stuck, We'll Dig Deep Into What's Stopping You & Come Up with Action Steps


“Esther provided us a comprehensive look at our company and brand.

She performed a well researched approach to discovering our specific clientele, crafted a branding message around these personas, and coordinated a social media campaign based on the research. She is highly competent, envisions the many aspects of marketing, and is a great asset to your planning team.”


and esther BUILT a BRAND

Yes, It's All Possible

“Esther and her team are incredibly organized, professional and responsive.

They did a fantastic job managing our social media - creating content, engaging with influencers, and responding to questions/concerns. They were real pros and a pleasure to work with."



“Esther has been a true extension of our team.

I have been particularly impressed with her ability to draft high level strategic plans, and then go on to execute them impeccably- including the post campaign analysis so we learn and optimize our performance going forward. She has gone above and beyond to elevate our content strategy, all while being an absolute delight to work with.”



How It Works

Complete your Client Questionnaire at least one week prior to our Clarity Call so I can review it in detail and put on my thinking cap before we begin our sprint together.


We'll start with a 90-minute Intensive (a.k.a. Clarity Call) where we’ll uncover where you are today, your ideal destination, your current challenges, and how to kick those blocks to the curb so you can succeed.

90-minute kickoff clarity call

I'll draft a sprint-based action plan based on the goals we outline together on our Clarity Call, and we'll then workshop it together. We'll use this plan as the basis for our weekly homework, though of course we can make adjustments along the way. 

Sprint action plan

After our Clarity Call, we'll hop on 1:1 video calls about every other week to tackle the topic of your choice. On our call, we'll dig into whatever's on your mind, review your action plan together, and agree on Action Items for the two weeks to come. 


In between our calls, you can choose add-on extra support and receive access to me via Voxer voice text support during the work week. This way, we'll keep the conversation going so you won't lose momentum. I'll also check in with you each week via email to hold you accountable.

WEEKday VOXER ACCESS & weekly accountability check-ins

If you book a 9-month sprint, you'll receive my personal feedback on your offers, marketing materials and copy, weekly. This is a tremendous added value as corporations pay tens of thousands each month for my fractional CMO services.  

1:1 marketing coaching for longer-term clients

“Esther is a great balance of ‘getting it right,’ perfectionism and ‘getting it done,’ pragmatism. She is incredibly incisive.”




“Esther is a big picture thinker who’s easily able to translate her ideas into actions to achieve project or program milestones”




A year from now,
you'll wish you'd have started today....

So let's do the dang thing!

You just want someone to tell you what works (and to call you out on your B.S., amirite?).

For one reason or another, you're not quite where you thought you'd be by now. I get it, because I've been there, too. But I'll tell you one thing: as long as you promise yourself you won't quit, this time WILL be different. Together, we'll make it happen. 

You're more capable than you realize. But even heroes sometimes need a little help to take their super powers to the next level.

No matter where you are on your biz journey (or in the world), you're in the right place.

Sign up and pay for your 1:1 Coaching Sprint today and get our eyes on your sales strategy for FREE ($997 value!). If you're using ads, we can review your first funnel or ad set, so you can launch your first audience-building or client-getting campaign with confidence. Not ready to use paid ads? No worries. We'll review your organic sales process and provide feedback you can use to start selling your offers organically in a way that feels on-brand and aligned for you (no cold DMs necessary!). If you're doing sales calls, we can even even review a call recording and give you tips on what you can improve so that you can close your next sale with confidence.

Pay in full TODAY and get a FREE Sales Strategy Review


Seeing your Dream Clients slide into your DMs daily and working on projects that bring high reward — both financially and creatively.

Kicking your 9-to-5 to the curb because your side hustle is now a full-fledged Scalable Solopreneur biz (yes, you can really finally leave your cushy-but-soul-crushing corporate gig!). 

Clearly articulating what you do and who you do it for - on demand, with confidence.

Launching your next offer to resounding success and hitting all your revenue goals out of the park - without a super stressful launch.

Filling up your Membership or Signature Offer and enjoying MRR that replaces your full-time or freelance income.

Attracting top-tier professionals to join your growing Dream Team as you call in your next level-up in style.

By the end of our 1:1 Coaching Sprint, you could be...


”Life’s too short to stay stuck in a j.o.b. or lifestyle that doesn’t light you up, daily. It’s time to leave the 9-to-5 grind behind.”


Ready to Realize Your Remote Biz Dreams?


Have a million ideas and a zillion questions? Not sure where to get started or what to tackle next? Book a 1:1 Coaching Sprint for longer-term support. We'll start by uncovering where you are today, your ideal destination and your current challenges, and then develop an action plan to help you kick those blocks to the curb so you can reach your goals with intention, ease and joy. Space is limited.

The #CreateAnywhere 1:1 Coaching Sprint is the only one of its kind because...

IT'S A focused sprint WITH A SINGULAR FOCUS: your incredible success. 

It's time to stop telling yourself you're confused or don't know what to do next in your business - because the truth is, you already have everything you need inside of you.

Let's work together to reveal your hidden genius and supercharge your success. We'll decide what we want to accomplish together and come up with a plan to get there, together. 

I'll keep you accountable and help you follow-through and, if you keep showing up and doing the work - both in your business and on your mind - you'll be amazed at what we can accomplish together in just a few short months. 

IT'S DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND, by someone who's been there, done that, gotTEN the t-shirt.

Whether you're a corporate burnout dreaming of running her own online biz empire, a busy mama with more unread emails than laundry to do (!) or a dreamer who wants to work and see the world on her own terms - I get you, because I've been there. If any of these sound like you: 

Aching to leave your soul-crushing corporate job but feeling stuck because it pays so well (and hey, you've got a mortgage... and what if you fail?)

A business owner with ADHD whose business will literally fall apart without the right systems, support and processes in place

A sober biz owner or mama who knows life is SO much better without that nightly glass (or two) of wine, but still misses it sometimes

 An IVF warrior or mom who's suffered from PPA or PPD while trying to keep her business afloat and wants business to feel JOYFUL again

... then I can relate. Trust me when I say: I get it

An expat or digital nomad who loves the adventure but hates the loneliness that comes with being a citizen of the world... 

Work with me 1:1



Follow a proven roadmap AND MAKE REAL PROGRESS

A 1:1 Coaching Sprint includes everything you need to get out of your own way and start taking massive action.

It's true that call cans only take you so far. But if you do complete your Action Items and take advantage of our time together (and, for 9-month packaging clients, take advantage of my marketing expertise), you'll find yourself happily putting in the sweat equity that will move the needle, bringing your vision to life.  And once you see how much you can accomplish in just 6 or 9 months, imagine where you could be a year from now...

Creating the life-changing habits you need to create to become the person you're meant to be.

Building a system that to grow your audience & revenue consistently.

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up... from anywhere.

Building a remote dream team, giving you more time to operate in your zone of genius.

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Feeling more in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life, no matter where you are in the world or on your biz journey. 

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Need a guarantee?

I include a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee so you can rest easy that this is the right choice.

money back 


This      for you if:

you're ready to go from side hustler to scalable solopreneur

You're overwhelmed by the idea of filling out a client questionnaire before our call

YOu're a coach, consultant or service provider who's tired of trading your time for $

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO invest in yourself

you're ready for an online business that lets you live your best work-from-anywhere life (while still enjoying your day-to-day)

It's probably       for you if...

you're not willing to do the work between our calls that will get you results



It's probably
for you if...

“Esther challenged and empowered me to always provide the best work possible and reach my highest potential.”



How much can we really get done in a few months? 

You know what they say - if nothing changes, nothing changes. But if you DO make changes and do the work, you'll be amazed at what we can accomplish together. Be sure you submit your Client Questionnaire on time and be ready to go for your kick-off Clarity Call. For our bi-weekly call, find a quiet place with privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't fill out the Client Questionnaire in time? 

If your Client Questionnaire isn't received within one week of your appointment, your kick-off Clarity Call will be rescheduled at my discretion - so be sure to get it in.

What if your available times don't work for me?  

Currently, I'm based in Europe, so if you're in North America, most of my available times are going to be in the morning or very early afternoon for you. If you're in Australia, New Zealand or another country with a significant time difference, my morning availability will be your early evening. That said, if your availability is quite limited, feel free to reach out and I'll take a second look at my calendar to see if we can find a time that works for both of us. 

What is Voxer? 

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that works on iPhone, Android and the web. It's a great way to catch up without email. 

Why don't you offer shorter sprints?

I'm fully aware of the work it takes to transform your business (I've done it several times!), and transformation takes time. I'm committed to walking with my clients through the big wins, but if you're not ready to commit to the longer-term, a Clarity Call is a great place to get a quickstart.

What if I want to reschedule a session? 

Client sessions can only be rescheduled more than 24-hours in advance. If you cancel a session with 24-hours notice or less, you will lose that session and it cannot be refunded. Your coaching package also must be used in entirety within the Sprint period. 

How many Action Items should I expect between sessions?

However many we agree upon, together. You're making a significant investment in yourself and your business, so you'll want to carve out time to do the work and stick to your commitments. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to invest about 1.5-3 hours a day in your business to make real progress.

Will you really be my new ride-or-die?

Girl, yes! This entrepreneur life (not to mention #expatlife or #momlife!) can be lonely, but it's always better together. 

Are 1:1 Coaching Sprints always available? 

No, space is limited: I only take on a handful of 1:1 clients at a time. Additionally, my business is typically closed during the month of August and for approximately two weeks over the winter holidays, while my team and I recharge. But don't worry: if your Coaching Sprint overlaps with one of those periods, it will be extended. 

The number of months I took off for maternity leave while my team ran my business 
Number of businesses I own and properties I manage (as a toddler mom with ADHD)
Amount of money I grossed in my first year of business
The number of clients I had when I left my day job





The age when I became a debt-free, self-made millionaire


shoot me a DM

I totally get it. Every dollar invested in your biz is an important one! Give me a shout and my team and I will be happy to answer your questions. 

Still on the fence?