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Book a 1:1 Coaching Sprint for longer-term, personalized support. We'll start by uncovering where you are today, your ideal destination and your current challenges, and then develop a custom action plan to help you kick those blocks to the curb so this can truly be the year you reach that next level-up. Plus, long-term clients receive my eyes on their marketing materials, every single week (a huge value since corporations pay tens of thousands a month for the same!). 


I'm Esther, your
work-from-anywhere mentor & cheerleader.

I’m a former Googler turned freelance marketer, business mentor and mindset coach, building my dream life in Southern Spain.

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In each episode, Esther talks to real-deal experts about can’t-miss topics in the location-independent business and lifestyle space.

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Are you really ready to kick your corporate job to the curb?

You know in your heart that you want to leave your cushy corporate gig to start your own online business, but are you really ready? Let me walk you through six powerful questions you can answer before you decide if now's really the right time to make the big leap.